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Whether you're seeking my music publication, my telecom industry careers (including my forays into telecom market consulting), or some "fun stuff" on the web, click the link below to take you to the appropriate section of my website.


Telecom Industry

My Career in Telecom

My 20-plus year high-tech career has included more than 15 years solely devoted to the telecom industry. In addition to more than 8 years working for telecom carriers, I have consulted in a variety of telecom markets including FTTH, CLECs, ILECs, Wi-Fi, Fixed Wireless, and cable television. I have performed a variety of quantitative and qualitative analyses -- market research, market analysis, financial/cost/economic analysis, etc. If you're interested in my telecom background, please click the above link.

In August 2012, I started a telecom industry blog to give me a place to share articles and opinions on the many segments of the telecom industry in which I've gained expertise and keep abreast of new developments. Click here to check out Geoff Wilbur's Telecom Industry Blog.



Geoff Wilbur Consulting

I have hung out my shingle in the consulting business, drawing upon my years as an industry analyst in the telecom and tech industries to provide market intelligence that helps clients chart the right course for strategic planning and competitive analysis that delivers actionable insights in fast-changing markets.



Geoff Wilbur, Music Journalist

I wrote album reviews, live reviews, and interviews from 1989 through 2003.  You can see a summary of my writing career by following the above link.  In the 2010s, I started tweeting about my favorite music, including some great new discoveries. And in 2015 I launched Geoff Wilburís Music Blog, covering great music regardless of genre.

Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter

GWRN connected bands with music industry professionals and music fans from 1993 until 2003. You'll find all the GWRN information you need by clicking the above link.


Personal Web Pages

Job Search Help

Job hunting? When I was doing some job hunting a decade or more ago, I created a website that includes dozens of job hunting links. You'll find national web search sites, plus sites grouped geographically and by industry. Aside from the national sites, the biggest lists are the telecom industry list and geographic lists for Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Texas (the Houston area). Though I need to update the information again, note that I most recently checked and updated all of the job search links during May and June 2014.  So if you're job hunting, I'd suggest clicking the above link.

Houston Information

I also compiled a list of useful links for the city of Houston, Texas in 2006. To the extent these links are still active, please feel free to use them to find city resources, entertainment information, and other useful Houston websites.

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